Monday, October 12, 2009

My Sippy-Nahs, My Sippy Heroes

That is how Marshall pronounces "Superman". He runs through the house jumping on and off anything he can find while yelling "Sippy-Nah!" Of course Jess is now following right along. The other day I was unable to leave the house before I tucked a blue and red shirt in his bibs to act as his cape. He points to himself and says "Jesse, Supa!" At eighteen months old, he is more sure of himself than I have been.
Maybe that changed today. While I sat in our backyard watching the boys play, I felt very strongly that I really am living my true dream. I want everything else to fall away as I turn my focus wholeheartedly upon my family. Sure, many things will change soon, and these little guys will grow, but we are here, and it is now, and I long to spend my time with my face buried in their necks and hearing their laughter.

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Mrs. Buv said...

You are so lucky...and brave. :) You definitely have an amazing worth holding onto with everything your little super heroes got in 'em. :)



p.s. those boys (and you guys too) are welcome here ANY TIME!! Maybe they can help make our backyard as cool as yours!!

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