Sunday, October 19, 2008

Garden Update

 I put my heart into everything I do, 
but sometimes that is not a good idea. 

Gardens can break your heart!

Remember those beautiful grapes I planted? MMM HMMM...

Apparently there is a moth that likes grape leaves. It lays eggs on the back. When the eggs hatch, the babies ravage the plant and leave it looking like this...

I was told it is called the Skeletonizer Moth. I don't feel like spending the time to verify that because that is a darn good name for it.
The good news is,  all three plants are coming out of it. Whew.

Everything came up beautifully in the raised bed, only to be half eaten by who-knows-what. I now suspect cutworms, grubs and gigantic grasshoppers. 

My neighbor, "Q", gave me some cuttings from three cactus plants. This was part from generosity (he is extremely generous) and part from wanting to use one of his man toys (of which he has many).

 WARNING: Do Not Sneak Up on This Man!

 One can be eaten raw or cooked. I am letting them scab before I plant them, 
otherwise they may rot. 

More than once, I have heard recently that, in gardening,  one should not be so arrogant as to expect every seed to produce, and every plant to bear fruit, and that you will be the one to eat it. There are a lot of hungry things out there that compete with you. They work when you sleep, they munch when you turn your back...

I replanted the raised bed.
 Only four cucumbers survived, along with two rows of beans. Now it is planted with spinach, beets, carrots, lettuce and -maybe- peas. I say "maybe" because the day after I planted, it looked like a little mouse dug a tiny hole above each pea to retrieve it. 

I knew there were kangaroo mice out there, but I didn't want to kill them. Now I know I must. Not because of the peas, but because of this guy...

He saw me first.
I must have startled him, because he kept hissing and shaking his rattle.

The mice attract rattlesnakes. I don't get too freaked out about snakes. But now that I have little ones, I can't stand by and admire them in my yard. 

Every time I see another setback in my desert gardening efforts, I try to remember not to be arrogant. I try not to get discouraged or feel defeat. Hope is important. 
She that hopes...receives.

My SIL, Gabby, gave me a little card that sums it up:

"Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow."  


The Baby Catcher said...

Glad to hear your grapes are surviving the moths. I don't like snakes, so I'm glad that was you and not me that snake was hissing at!°Ü°

The Baby Catcher said...

I have PLENTY of cactus you can have next time your down my way, speaking of which, it's about time for that...down my way!°Ü°

PHX101x2 said...

My friend Gina from work (you'll meet her at the wedding) made me eat Cactus the other day!! It wasn't gonna kill me or anything, but it was a lot like salty green beans...

She randomly makes/forces/invites me to eat strange/new/of another culture foods...and you know me!! I just like my plain white people food!! But I am learning...and I DO try everything!!

She's ALL Mexican...she conversations are half English, half Spanish...not sure she even knows which lagauge she is speaking!!

You'll LOVE her!! She's my Mexican twin!! She may actually talk louder than I do!! Ha!!

where is everyone?