Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Garden Planted

  We found another little space in our yard to plant a garden. 
 This is where I put the corn and pumpkins. 
I should have planted about 20 days ago, but I wasn't ready. 
We'll see how it turns out. 

I made a stone path down the center. 
This puts everything within a two foot reach.

Here is another bed against the house.
It will have more tomatoes, soon, and some peppers.

Our strawberries are very happy under the pine tree.

I am catching lots of runners to plant!

Here lies the raised bed that will grow us some green beans.

I went ahead and planted some cucumbers with them 
to see if they can get along.

The grapes like their new location.

Garden good news:
This is the biggest tomato I have ever grown in AZ!
 It is actual "tomato-sized!"

Too bad I dropped the biggest one on the floor and busted it 
before I could stow it for ripening!

I'm going to eat it anyway.

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The Baby Catcher said...

You are such an awesome gardener! The love of it is all it takes! You have had a busy successful week! Way to grow.°Ü°

where is everyone?