Saturday, August 9, 2008

Important Instructions

    I am so lucky.

I happened to be at Logan's house (brother) when a package arrived from his grandmother who lives in West Virginia. I knew what was in that package. It was unopened and Logan was still at work. Hmmm...

I asked Gabby (SIL) to call and ask if I could open it. His answer was "Yes, and you can have half." I am 10 years older than Logan. Although he is an adult, a married man, and serves in the military, I like to think he is still a little afraid of me and that is why he made this generous offer. But maybe he is just generous. Or, maybe he does not worship the red gold as I do.

Behold the Beefsteak

I do not believe this can be achieved in Arizona. I don't think they can grow like this here. I would love to be proven wrong, wrong, wrong. Until then,  I will have to rely on my luck to get my hands on beauties like these. Either that, or have Logan's mail forwarded to my home every August...

And now for the important instructions:

World's Best Tomato Sandwich

Toasted bread
Miracle Whip (one needs the "tangy zip")
Fresh Ground Sea Salt
Fresh Basil Leaves
One inch thick slice of Beefsteak Tomato
Assemble and enjoy!


PHX101x2 said...

OMG I am so jealous!! That looks mouth watering!! I wish you could BUY those in AZ...I'm not sure you can even do that without making an expensive trip at Morten's.

Logan has the fear of the older sister...I can feel it!! :)

The Baby Catcher said...

Thanx for sharing one of those AMAZING tomato sandwiches with a friend today! They were every bit as good as they look in this picture!°Ü°

where is everyone?