Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whoa, where did the time go?

Jess is a great help in the garden.

Tomatoes, ready to plant.

The corn is planted in my tiny garden spot....

Jess and Marshall enjoy the last of the winter garden...

If you want carrots like these, plant them and neglect to water them.

Okay, enough of the picture book. These are pics from February, so I need to update. The corn is 6 feet, sunflowers are around 9 feet tall. It is amazing what consistent watering will do for a plant.

I had a life-changing experience back in March while attending a garden seminar. Seriously. I feel I have been set free. With my new understanding of vegetables and "organic" gardening, I have high hopes for this season's plantings. The seminar was based on Jacob Mittlieder's method. Find out about it at

Now that my plants are producing, and I took care of the skunk problem...what the heck is running off with my veggies? Two bell peppers and two tomatoes are missing without a trace.
 I suspect it is a raccoon this time.

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