Thursday, August 6, 2009

White Mountain Week

Jess and Marshall each grew a foot taller while camping.

Grandpa is a hit, even without the Rhino rides.

Wow, I needed that...we all did. I love to push the reset button by camping.
Arizona is such a surprise. I never would have guessed it could have so much. You can go from hot, hot, dusty desert with ghost towns and leathery cowboys to cool, breezy, pine covered mountains with hidden chilly lakes, mossy craggy slopes, and miles and miles of eye soothing green.

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Mrs. Buv said...

I have NOT been camping since...well, you know. That's officially 9 years!! I MISS it!!

The boys are getting SO big!! I miss you guys!! We NEED to plan something...and soon!!

Love you!!


where is everyone?