Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whooping Around the Fire...

     That was the expression Mom used today.  

 I did my first waterbath canning just a few hours ago. 
How do Black Forest Preserves sound?

 Yes, "Oooh!"  is right.  
It is amazing what some sugar, cocoa, and cherries can become. 

I called mom to tell her what I was doing because I was so excited about it.  I had no idea how fun and instantly rewarding doing a little home canning could be! She immediately understood.  "My Mom would always be there to whoop around the fire with me whenever I did something like this," she told me. "We would do a little canning here and there and then get so excited as we watched the pints and quarts add up to a colorful display on the shelves."

My memories of mom canning were skewed by the whininess of being a self-absorbed little girl. It would be fun to turn back the clock and savor those days of picking tomatoes as big as a softball in the hot buggy days of summer, putting them in bushel baskets and fighting with my older brother, Walt, over who has to lug them in the house.  We were both afraid of getting stuck helping if we were seen in the vicinity of work. One year, I swear, Mom canned one scrillion-bazillion quarts of tomatoes. I tried to stay far away from the kitchen while she canned. In my ignorance, I thought she must be miserable in that hot steamy kitchen, scalding the tomatoes, burning her fingers as she peeled away the skin and loaded them into jars. But now I know the truth- it was pure bliss- and I missed out on it! Fortunately, it is not too late. Today was the first day of a new tradition. It is hard to explain, but today I changed again. 


PHX101x2 said...

Holy crap I feel the same way!! There is so much that I missed out on with my mom because I was too young and self-absorbed to understand any of the importance!! I yell at myself all the time!! I used to watch her make jam, make homemade crust for pies, etc...I long for those days in the kitchen with my mom...if we could only turn back the clock.

The Baby Catcher said...

Holy Cow, cherries, cocoa, and sugar sound divine, and looks divine also! °Ü°

jen said...

Beautiful! I am whooping with you!

I need to know more about this recipe...

where is everyone?