Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Fruit Bat

I can't get my tomatoes in the house. 
Marshall (age 2) thinks whatever is in my harvest bowl is lunch. 

He ate 12 tiny cherry tomatoes and five "big" tomatoes in one sitting.

 He ate the three-inch ear of corn, too. After all that, he insisted on eating a green bean, but spit it out because it took too long to chew. A few days ago he came in the house with a mesquite pod that he was chewing on. If none of these items are around, he picks at my herbs, crushes the leaves and shoves them up his nose. I tried to teach him to smell the different herbs, but he has his own way of doing things. Little Show-Off!


PHX101x2 said...

He shoves them UP his nose!! LOL...what a doll!! OMG I need one of those little monsters at my house!!

The Baby Catcher said...

There is no better way of eating than right from the garden, he's a smart boy! °Ü°

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