Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No. 1 Son

Marshall is adjusting really well. The first week was a bit rough, but now he seems to be in love with his little brother. Everyone told me that having two kids is easier than one. I can see how that can be, especially when these two guys start playing together.

In this picture, Jess has the hiccups which Marshall thinks is hysterical.


Jen said...

They are truely darling.... and MOST of the time it is easier to have multiple kids, I myself Have 5, and I love the help I get from the bigger kids, I hate when they teach my 18 month old bad habits or won't share with the poor baby . I say the more the merrier.... my husband is not quite with me though! ;)

The Baby Catcher said...

I love this picture! I wonder if Jess will always look this serious and wise.°Ü°

where is everyone?